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Preventive Medical Examination

Every employer is obliged to offer his employees a Preventive Medical Examination (PMO). We advise you to do this periodically so that your employees have up-to-date insight into the development of their health and any health risks. ArboNed gladly supports you here.

One of our services is the ePMO. This gives you quick clarity about the mental and physical health of your employees. The ePMO is an online Preventive medical study with a more concise questionnaire, making the process faster and the costs lower than with regular PMOs with a physical examination.

Your employees complete the online questionnaire and immediately receive a report by email. If an employee runs an increased health risk, he receives an invitation for a telephone consultation. From fifteen participants you can receive a group report that gives you insight into how your people experience their work, what they get energy from and what causes them stress.

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