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Please note that the group report will only be available for groups of 15 employees or more.

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€25.00 per employee

€25.00 per employee

€25.00 per employee

€450.00 per report

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You pay EMRP for all your employees to whom you offer, EMRP, whether or not to participate in the study. You get no money back if employees decide not to participate.
If you choose a group reporting and do less than 15 of your employees participating in the EMRP will void - in the context of privacy legislation - the group reporting. The amount already paid will not be refunded for this.


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Legislative requirements

You, as an employer legally obliged to provide a preventive medical examination [PMO] your employees. With ArboNed ePMO you meet this legal obligation. We recommend once every three years to carry out a preventive medical examination [PMO].

Certain sectors such as construction, offshore and VCA (safety examinations) companies, always need to offer a Preventive Medical Examination with an additional physical examination. This also applies to companies with complex manufacturing processes and companies where toxic substances are handled.

As an employer, you are responsible to check whether you comply with your legal obligations by offering ePMO.

The PAGO advice from your RIE (Risk Assessment and evaluation) indicates whether you are required to provide a PMO with a physical examination. If you don't have a (current) RIE yet, click here for more information.